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We are looking for exclusive distributors to actively work with us in expanding our business in their area or city for a mutual profit

Be our distributor


Be who you want to be

In Oziway anyone can register and work with us in any way

- The customer buys products

- The seller sells their products (we as Oziway are also a seller of our own products)

- The promoter promotes these products

- But there is also the role of the Distributor

- The distributor is between the Customer and Promoter to deliver our Oziway products to the customer






Promoters and Oziway (with email and social media campaigns) actively look for customers in your city. These customers will place orders on Oziway or with you directly. Once you have all the orders, you buy the products from us. We send them to you and you distribute them to your customers

Sellers do not need to send any application to be a seller, they can just use their normal Oziway accounts to start selling

Promoters do not need to send any application to be a promoter, they can just use their normal Oziway accounts to start promoting

Customers do not need to send any application to be a customer, they can just use their normal Oziway accounts to start buying

Distributors however, need to apply to be a Distributor because we give them an exclusive business opportunity in the area or city, they are our Exclusive Distributor



- Direct customer orders to you

- Direct Promoters to you (they promote the products which you deliver)

- Help you in contacting new Promoters. The more promoters you have, the more orders will be directed through your account

- Execute email campaigns to customers in your city or area, informing them that you are the Distributor



- Look for new Promoters

- Look for new Customers

- Wait for Customers to place orders so that you buy them and deliver

- Order products from us and deliver to customers

- Supply us with a list of emails that we can regularly inform about our products and our distributor (you)

- Advertise Oziway on the internet and to your friends. We want many people to join



Are you interested in becoming an EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTORE in your area?

Contact Us so that we can start to earn a profit together