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Oziway is an innovative social media platform that combines traditional e-Commerce with the possibility of recommending Products, Services and Job Offers, a list of paid tasks to be performed and the opportunity to gain business contacts. It brings together Promoters, Sellers, Employers and Business Partners in one place.
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Tasks - actions to do
Tasks - actions to do
Are you all about Action?
Sign up to perform tasks posted by others and get paid or post tasks you need to have accomplished and focus on your priorities.
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Jobs - Employment offers & referrals
Jobs - Employment offers & referrals
Want to make the best of the professional network?
Earn money by submitting job referrals for professionals you know or post your employment offer to find the best employees or even find your own dream job!
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Business leads
Business leads
Ready to grow your Business? Find your Perfect Match!
Ask for business leads or find business partners to grow your activity or earn money by connecting your business contacts with each other.
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Are you good in promoting?
Put your best skills to work! Earn commissions by promoting product and services offered by the others.
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Products & services
Products & services
Have you got products or services to offer? Physical or digital? You choose!
Submit your products and services to our database and let the Oziway community promote them. Save your time, sell more and focus on developing your business.
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Oziway mobile application
Always on the move? No time is wasted!
Whether you are on a train, standing in line or wait for your appointment - time is money. Use it well: Send a promoting message, check your orders or post a Task… keep earning!
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