ATTENTION: we are not able to manually translate the entire content of the platform because the platform is growing very fast. The content is entered in English and translated automatically. We apologize if there are mistakes in text which are caused by automatic translation. Because we are trying to help the growing international community of Oziway users, we think that it is more important to deliver the content in many languages to many people, at least in a way which is mostly correct (even if it has mistakes), than to omit many people. We will try to fix the most obvious translation mistakes.

How to Promote on Oziway?

1. Open the page and choose your language on the top menu bar

2. If you want to start promoting on Oziway, you have to setup your online website on, because this is the part of the system which is intended for promotors and sellers. All other internet addresses the Oziway system (,, , etc.) are intended for buyers (customers)

3. You have to login to Click on [Login] on the top menu, and then click [Login] or [Create Account] (if you haven’t yet registered)

4. Login using your email address and password that you chose during the registration process

5. Click [Edit Shop]

6. Complete the necessary data fields to create your very own internet shop, you will receive unique internet address that you can promote to earn a commission

- Choose whether the shop is active or not (by default its active). You can always deactivate the shop
- Name your shop, this name will be in the address that you will promote together with your unique user ID and the domain for your country. Don’t worry about the ID, you don’t have to know it, the system will automatically insert it into the address. As an example, a shop with the name /Super Clothing Boutique/ for the user with ID /123/ from China will have an address Click to see how an example store looks like for our demo Australian user (whose ID is 1),
- Enter your phone number which potential customers might call to ask questions about the products you promote. Don’t worry you don’t have to sell or send anything, just give advice to users who might have questions about products within categories that you are familiar with
- Enter your email address, this will also be visible in your internet shop
- Choose the product categories that you want to include in your online shop. You can choose many categories, even all if you want although we don’t recommend this, because the customers prefer profiled shops (for example fashion or sport). Even products that will be entered within your categories later on by sellers, will appear automatically in your online shop
- Enter the country where you want to promote, this by default is the country where you live. If you choose China for example, the address of your online shop will start with
- Enter a long description of your shop for customers to read
- Marketing subject (for your shop). Using the mobile application Oziway, when you send a message with a link to your shop, the subject will automatically be set to this
- Marketing text (for your shop). Using the mobile application Oziway, when you send a message with a link to your shop, the body text will automatically be set to this. This text ALSO appears on your banner of your shop
- Marketing subject (for a product) - Using the mobile application Oziway, when you send a message with a link to a specific product, the subject will automatically be set to this
- Add logo of your shop (like a profile photo)
- Add the background (the banner)

7. Click [Save]. Your shop is ready for promoting, good luck !

Want to offer your own products or services? START SELLING !