Choosing what is shown in your webshop

How to choose a specific sellers offer in your webshop

If you want to start promoting products, you have to make sure that they are in your webshop

You can make offers, custom offers with custom prices and send them to potential customers using the Oziway system, but these offers need to be in your webshop

To edit your shop, you need to login ofcourse to the dashboard

When you login, you will see the dashboard. You need to go to Promoter->Edit Shop, and then Click on Content tab

On the bottom of the window you can select how you would liuke to choose the itenms on your webshop. You can select by sellers (you have to know the email address of the seller), or you can select categories of products, or you can choose the individual products.

For the purpose of this demonstration, I will enter just the sellers, and ente3r their email addresses. My shop will now feature all products of chosen sellers