Oziway - The Australian Way

How It Works

Our Statements

  • Anyone can signup in Oziway.
  • Anyone can post products and services for sale on Oziway.
  • Anyone can promote products and services posted by others on Oziway.
  • Anyone can buy those products and services on Oziway.
  • Anyone can do any or all of the above.

What types of Products are on Oziway (and what can be Sold and Promoted)

There are 6 types of Products in Oziway:

  1. New Unlimited – Products available in an unlimited quantity (e.g. from a manufacturer or wholesaler).
  2. New Limited – Products available in limited quantities (e.g. you have 10 pieces of a product to sell).
  3. Digital/Downloadable – products that Sellers upload to Oziway (e.g. databases or PDF books).
  4. Services – local services (e.g. you advertise your services as a personal sports trainer).
  5. Unpaid Services – like business leads (e.g. the transaction is made when a customer supplies their contact details to an insurance agent and the agent sells them an insurance policy).
  6. Used Products – products that can cost something or can be for free (e.g. you want to get rid of your unnecessary stuff, in a responsible way).

How to Promote Products

You promote products just like you would share any other information on the internet or with your friends. Normally you send information via email, sms, maybe post to your favorite social network. Here it works the same. You receive from us your own “internet store” address, and that is what you promote.

Your store address will look like: https://oziway.[your-country-code]/shop/yourstorename/. For example: if you name your store “test-store” and you live in Australia, your store address would be: https://oziway.com.au/shop/test-store/.

Your store will be full of products from categories that you have chosen when you setup your profile. If we do not yet have products in your country on Oziway, the domain will be oziway.com and the link will be https://oziway.com/shop/yourstorename/. The more signups we have from Promotors in your country, the quicker we will setup Products from Sellers in your country and the quicker your country domain will be active.

You can send links to your store or you can send links to individual products that you have in your store. This is good if you know that a friend is interested in a particular product. You can also start sending a Promotor signup link (that you will find in your Business Dashboard) to people that don’t want to buy anything, instead they want to earn a commission like you.

You can promote these links by sending them via your own email, or you can post it to a social network wall, or use a special Oziway mobile application that you can install on your phone (download from Apple Appstore or Google Playstore). The application is very easy to use and it works together with all your social apps installed on the phone.

What Products Can Be Promoted

When you signup at Oziway, you need to setup your profile. Fill in your: telephone number, email address, marketing messages and choose your product categories, and also choose your country of choice (where you intend to promote the store). Its best to use the same email address that you use in PayPal, or mobile phone that you use in WeChat (China), as these are the accounts that we will be making payouts to. You receive from us your own “internet store” address full of products within the categories that you have chosen. You can change your profile and choose different categories at any time.

All the products within the categories that you have chosen, get automatically added to your store and are there for people to buy. If new products are added to Oziway, they will appear in your store automatically.

Who Delivers the Products to the Buyer

The Seller delivers the products - don’t worry, you don’t have to send any product to anyone. All you do is promote your Oziway links. It is the Seller (the Supplier) that sends the product, collects the money and pays the commission to Oziway (we will issue a business invoice) so that we can pay you and other Promotors.

Mobile App For Promotors

Go to Apple Appstore or Google Playstore and install the application called Oziway.

The app allows you to:

  • Monitor how many friends and transactions are being made in your organization
  • Add friends as Promotors (or Customers) to your Oziway organization
  • Send sign up links to potential Promotors via any application on your mobile phone
  • Send the link to your internet store via any application on your mobile phone
  • Send the link to any product (not only on your store) via any application on your mobile phone

Active Commission

Active Commission is what you earn when your promotion directly results in a transaction being made. You told someone about your store or a particular product and that person signed up via your link, and bought the product. As soon as we receive the commission from the Seller, we pay most of it to you. Your commission is then called 1st level commission. A small part of that commission will stay in Oziway.

Passive Commission

Passive Commission is what you earn when you invite a friend to be a Promotor in Oziway, and that friend promotes their own store or product which results in a transaction being made. The friend told someone about their store or a particular product and that someone bought the product. As soon as we receive the commission from the Seller, we pay most of the commission to your friend, but you also receive a smaller part of the commission for growing your organization. Your commission is then called the 2nd level commission and your friends commission is called the 1st level commission. A small part of that commission will stay in Oziway.

How Much Can You Earn in Oziway as a Promotor

It depend on two things:

  • How well you promote
  • How well you grow your organization

Remember that it is best not to sell products actively (active sale is harder these days), but provide helpful information when you hear that someone needs a product that you have available. It is also very important to grow your organization, and that your friends that are in your organization, grow their organizations also. This will be the basis for Passive Commission.

Your Customers Are Yours - For Ever

If you invite a customer who joins Oziway and makes a purchase, you will receive a commission from this Customers order as well as all subsequent orders. Once the customer registers from your referral link, the customer is “yours”. You will receive a commission from this customer even if he makes purchases later on, even from other Promotors links. This goes both ways – if the customer is already registered by another Promotor and then he makes a purchase from your store, you will not receive any commission, because the Customer belongs to another Promotor.

Lets look at this in detail, because it is important to understand the mechanism of Oziway referral system:

Example 1:

You were invited by your friend to Oziway. You are actively promoting, and a Customer registers in Oziway using your referral link (that you sent from the mobile app or from the Business Dashboard of Oziway). The Customer makes a purchase of a product, pays for the product and the product is delivered, and the Seller pays the commission to Oziway. We distribute this commission so that you receive most of it, and some also is allocated to your friend that invited you to Oziway. Even if the Customer makes subsequent purchases from another Promotors link, it does not matter. The Customer is in your organization because the Customer registered with Oziway from your link. Customers can not switch organizations, unless they register again using another email address.

Example 2:

You are inviting Promotors actively and you invite your friend to register with Oziway, the friend registers in Oziway using your referral link to the login/registration page. The friend starts Promoting Products and services using own links (from Business Dashboard or mobile app). Your friend finds a Customer that registers in Oziway. Every purchase of that Customer (with payments made by Customer and by the Seller of the commissions) mean that commission is allocated in large part to your friend but also a small part is allocated to you. The customer can not switch to another organization, unless the Customer registers again using a different email.

Example 3:

You send a link to a Customer who is already a member of Oziway. If the Customer registered with Oziway not from your link, you will receive no commission from purchases of that Customer, because that Customer belongs to another organization (another Promotor).

Make Your Organization International

In Oziway there are no boundaries. Even though it makes more sense to Promote the products in your home country to your friends, you can recruit Promotors around the world. And the more promotors are in your organization, the better chance you will have of receiving attractive passive income.

What Currency is Used For Calculation of Payout

All commissions are calculated using the base currency of the original purchase by the Customer - the purchase thanks to which you are entitled to a commission. If You have promoted a product in the Australian store, you will have your commission calculated in Australian Dollars. If you have promoted a product in the Chinese store, you will have your commission calculated in Chinese Yuan.

The actual Payment of the Payout is a different story. All payouts are converted into a single currency which then is transferred to your account in your currency, whichever currency that might be. Read the chapter "How We Send The Payouts".

How We Send The Payouts

Payouts of Commissions to Promotors and Payments to Sellers for Purchases of their Digital (Downloadable) Products.

All digital goods go through the Oziway payment system. The Customer pays to Oziway, we deduct the declared commission, then pay the Seller of the product and the Promotors their commission.

The payout amount (whether it’s a Commission or Payment from the sale of a Digital Product) is added to your balance in Oziway. As soon as we receive a request from you to make a payout, we use either PayPal or WeChat (in China) to transfer funds to your account. If you want to receive a payout to a different email address (in Paypal) or a different mobile number (in WeChat) then the one which is registered with us, then on the Payout Request Form you can enter this data in the comments field. Please note that such payout requests might take longer to be fulfilled, since we have to verify the data.

A Payment Fee is subject to each payout request (please see Terms and Conditions) to cover the costs of Administration and the Payment Gateway.

Do Any Formal Forms or Papers Need to Be Filled Out Before The Payout

No, we do not require any forms to be filled out by anyone, whether you are receiving a payout as a Promotor or a payment as a Seller of a digital product. All payouts (commission or payment from the sale of digital products) are made just based on a Payout Request on the Business Dashboard of https://oziway.net

Does Oziway Deduct Any Tax From Payouts

No, we do not deduct any taxes, but you should pay taxes and other appropriate levies in your own country. We do not inform your country tax office about your earnings. This is your obligation. By using this service, you take the responsibility of reporting your own earnings to Your authorities.

Be a Professional Promotor

From time to time, we will have special, high income “premium” projects. We will contact directly those Promotors that have a track record of good organization growth.

The secret of success in Oziway:

Grow your Organization locally and internationally by inviting Promotors and Customers.

How To Sell Products

If you want to offer a product or service, go to Oziway.net and login to your Business Panel. There you will find an option to “Sell Own Product”. Posting a product or service is FREE. It does not cost you anything at the time of posting online. All that you need is to specify the % commission that you will pay to oziway (and we will pay the Promotors) once your product is promoted so that a customer buys it. You only pay the % commission once you receive the payment from the customer and deliver the product.

How do You (Seller) get paid for Physical products that need to be shipped

The customer pays you directly (offline). You make payment and delivery arrangements with the Customer. If you want to receive the money online via Oziway payments, please contact us: https://oziway.net/contact.

How Do You (Seller) Know Who to Deliver Physical Products or Services to

Login to your Business Dashboard: https://oziway.net/. There you will find a List of Pending Transactions – transactions that need to be accepted (OK) or rejected (FAIL). You have a number of days (that you entered when you posted a product) to verify that a transaction took place, therefore to Accept (OK) the transaction, or to Reject (FAIL). You reject the transaction if it did not finalize. You will not have to pay commission for rejected transactions.

How Do You (Seller) Pay The Commission For The Sale of Physical Products

Login to Your Business Dashboard: https://oziway.net/. There you will find a List of Transactions that need to be accepted (OK - delivered) or rejected (FAIL - not delivered).

When you post products or services to Oziway, you enter how many days you need to finalize the transaction (Customer paid, Seller delivered). You set the status of each transaction, before the declared number of days has passed (if we receive no feedback, Oziway automatically sets the transaction to Success and you are required to pay the commission).

1 of 3 things now will happen:

  1. If the transaction was not finalized (Customer did not pay for example, no delivery took place), then set the status to Rejected (FAIL) and enter a description – what happened, why did the transaction not take place. You will not be required to pay any commission.
  2. If the transaction was set to Success (OK) automatically, but it did not actually take place (you forgot to reject the transaction), contact us and let us know what happened.
  3. If the transaction was finalized and its status set to Accepted (OK, automatically or by you), you have 7 days to make the payment (you will receive a business receipt for the payment). Please do not be late with the payment because after 7 days, if no payment is made, your products are automatically disabled.

How Do You (Seller) Get Paid For Digital/Downloadable Goods

When you publish a Digital (Downloadable) Product, you set a price in USD. Automatically this product will get published in all our country specific stores, and its price will be automatically converted to all currencies in those stores (Australian Dollar, Chinese Yuan, Euro etc). When a Customer buys, Your Balance will automatically be increased, you can then send a Payout Request and we will pay to your PayPal or Wechat (China) account.

Please see above “How we send the Payouts” section.