Oziway - The Australian Way

About Us

The Company

Oziway connects Sellers, Buyers and Promotors. Sellers post products internationally or locally, Promotors promote those categories of products that they find interesting, and Buyers respond to their friends Promoting efforts.

The most important facts:

  • We do not sell anything. We are a marketplace that connects Sellers and Buyers. We receive % commissions (success fees from Sellers for promoting their products) and distribute those commissions to Promotors (a small part of that commission stays with us). If a Buyer shares their buying experience on Oziway with their friends, they earn rebates on their next purchases.
  • If you are a Promotor, visit the http://oziway.net website.
  • If you are a Seller, you only pay a success fee after the transaction is finalized (after you received your money and delivered your products).
  • Anyone can join us at any time. Its free. And anyone can leave us at any time. You have no obligation to do anything on Oziway.

What’s With The Name “Oziway”

Oziway is Freedom

The name Oziway comes from the phrase “Australian Way”. Australia, often called Oz by Australians who call themselves Ozi’s, to many people is a symbol of freedom and an easy way of life. The Oziway concept was created by an Australian who spent a lot of travelling to different parts of the world to see how people live and what problems they have in their daily lives.

The mission of the Oziway system, is to help people, from all over the world at least in one small aspect.

Whether you want to:

  • Belong to an international community of Promotors, Sellers and Customers
  • Learn and practise promoting products on the internet.
  • Earn additional money (repair home budget or just have spending money).

The Oziway system might be for you. You can promote what you want, how you want, and when you want.

And that is Freedom.